Thursday, 16 October 2014

My Beauty Routine

Ever since I can remember I've had a pretty staple beauty routine, mostly thanks to my sensitive and sometimes spot prone skin which has followed me through my teens and well into my twenties! I've learnt how to manage it and have found a pretty great routine. I love to mix up my routine every now and again as feel that my skin gets used to certain products so it's good to pep it up by introducing a new item to your routine.

Starting with the basics; my go to cleanse/tone/moisturise routine is usually Liz Earle

I'm not using Liz Earle right now (a purchase will be happening in the next month!), but it's still in my travel bag. I was introduced to Liz Earle in my teens through my mum and QVC, now without sounding like I work from them they've introduced me to many a fantastic brand through the years and now stock so many brands we all know and love (L'occitane, Decleor, Nails Inc, Benefit, Bare Minerals). With their 30 day money back guarantee even when you use it/test can't go wrong.

Back to Liz Earle - it's so gentle on my skin, smells amazing and lasts ages. I love to invest a little more on skincare and this is natural and gorgeous. The Cleanse and Polish cleanser is creamy and feels like a treat, smoothing the cream onto dry skin takes some getting used to but take it off with a warm muslin cloth and it leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. To tone, the instant boost skin tonic is refreshing and moisturiser (available in different concoctions for different skin types) is pure bliss. My skin always feels clean and plump after using the kit and it smalls divine. To finish the skin repair moisturiser is light and oil free but they have other richer forumlas.

I use Garnier Micellar Water to remove my eye make up as it's huge, normally on offer in Boots or Superdrug etc and is gentle on your eyes. I also like to use this on lazy days when I've not worn make up just to freshen up in the evening before I do my usual routine (the same goes for the morning after a heavy night's lovely and refreshing). I read so many reviews and this one sounds like a great match for the much more expensive Bioderma (bargain eBay link!).

I keep all my freebies in a teacup. Just because.

I've been using the Philosophy Hope In A Jar Moisturiser after I cleanse and tone after receiving a sample outside Debenhams on Oxford Street. It doesn't have a great smell but it's pleasant and does as it says on the lovely jar, It's a lightweight whipped texture and feels satin soft once applied. A little does go a long way. I also use Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Moisturiser if my skins a little drier. It's lovely and rich but does have the distinctive 8hr cream scent (not for everyone!).

I've actually had a bit of a break from Liz Earle due to some breakouts months ago I've been using the brillaint Origins Zero Oil range. The cleanser and toner both smell lovely and my face feels really fresh after using them. Once I've cleansed and toned, I finish off with the Origins Spot Remover on any major breakouts if I have them. This stuff is potent and is the best non  prescription spot treatment I've tried. The bottle is tiny but again it'll last you ages. It really dries out the spots and works a charm, just make sure you moisturise the area well so you don't get dry patches.

I then add an eye cream, Now I have one for the morning and a rich one for night. At the moment I'm Origins No Puffery in the morning as it has a rollerball and is a lightweight gel texture which sinks in really quickly. At night, L'Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Eye Cream ,which has a cool applicator nib to sooth tired eyes and is a rich creamy hydratng treat.

Once a week I've just started to use a liquid exfoliator by Aveda. I've only used it for a week or so so I can't give much of a review yet but I LOVE Aveda haircare so I'm hoping this will be just as great.

I've also been using Revitalash and can't sing it's praises enough. Yes it's expensive but if like me, you have short stumpy lashes, you'll really see a dramatic difference if you stick at it. As a treat I'd had lash extensions for a friends wedding in July and I LOVED having huge fluttery lashes but after two infills I realised a) I hate not being able to quickly sweep all of my eye make up off (you can't use anything oil based with falsies) and b) it was expensive. I was left with brittle lashes and my own seemed even shorter after the luxury of added length so after a friends recommendation and plenty of review reading, I decided to try it. After 6-8 weeks my lashes are the longest they've been and I can even skip the liquid liner sometimes (something I'd never do before).

Phew. Apologies for this being such a long post!


  1. I LOVE it!! It's totally changed my lashes, I didn't use to go without liquid eyeliner as my lashes were so short but now I can.