Friday, 29 April 2016

Paris with Cote Restaurant

Back in January I had an amazing surprise - I won a competition! Hand on heart I hardly ever win things, I'm not a serial competition enterer but I had such a lucky December when i saw Cote running a competition on their new Instagram channel I thought, why not! I mean who ever wins these things, I forgot all about it so was over the moon when an Instagram message popped up on my phone from Cote restaurant in January to say I'd won a weekend away in Paris. I mean...Paris...the city of romance, amazing food and so much culture you could burst! I was ecstatic and told everyone at work in earshot. Sad but true.

The lovely people at Cote booked our Eurostar so we could enjoy almost 3 full days in Paris and a hotel for two nights so central it was a 30 second walk to the Louvre - dreamy.

Adam took me to Paris for my 30th Birthday but we also went to Disneyland so there were still so many places I wanted to tick off my list this time around. We decided to walk almost everywhere as the weather was so sunny and bright it seemed a shame to miss everything around us stuck on the metro. My lovely friend Melanie from work wrote me a list of 'must do's' since she's half French and I ticked pretty much everything off her list! Below is what we did over 2 and a half days - we could have squeezed in more I'm sure but it was just fantastic exploring and taking our time:

Day 1 - Stroll around the area you're staying and find one of many amazing cafes for lunch. I had Salade de Chevre Chaud which was on my list to eat - a salad with thick slices of duck and goats cheese on toast. Delicious. 

Day 2 - Go to a traditional bakery for breakfast. We actually went to a bakery around the corner from us- Mason Kayser. Visit the Louvre (they open at 9am even on Sunday so get in early to beat the crowds!), head to Saint-Paul and eat amazing Falafel at L'as du Falafel. Yes you may have to queue for an hour but believe me it was well worth the wait! It started raining so we queued but you can takeaway too. Visit the shops (a few gems amongst the well known labels), stroll down to Bastille, stop off for a glass of something red at and  thenoff somewhere fab for dinner. We went for Ramen (I know I know we were in Paris but it was really good!).

Day 3 - Visit Galeries Lafayette for amazing architecture and oh so many labels! Walk up to Monmatre & get photos of the city, see the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur, head down to the Moulin Rouge, stop for lunch, walk down to Jardins Du Trocadero and relax by the fountains and up to the Eifel Tower. Phew! 

A HUGE thank you to Cote for offering such a fantastic prize1 Head over to the lovely people at Cote Brasserie on Instagram as they're still running some fab competitions. This month you can win a Theatre Break in Glasgow (a city I loved living in when I did my MA). Good luck if you enter and let me know if I missed anywhere off my Paris must-do list! 

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