Friday, 29 January 2016

Zara feather bag - Product of the Month

Happy weekend! What a week it's been, I've had a lot of work on with a showcase event for lots of lovely journalists and bloggers in my normal 9-5. I don't usually talk about my job too much on here but it was an amazing event and went really well so the late nights were well worth it! 

So onto my item of the month - how gorgeous is this bag from Zara?! My lovely auntie got me a voucher for Christmas and after putting about £300 worth of product in my basket (does anyone else always do that??), I remembered I was on a tight budget and stuck to the price of my voucher. 

This little beauty is £29.99 from Zara and I LOVE IT.  I don't have lots of bags, just a select few and my trusty black going out back (also from Zara) which I've had for a few years, has certainly seen better days.

This bag is faux suede with silver feather detail, silver chain and a sturdy boxy body. It'll go with so many outfits and is a really great size. Hope you like this little suggestion and have a lovely week! 

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

2016 is well & truly here

Well I'm very late with this but Happy New Year! 

I had an amazing 2 whole weeks off work over Christmas and really switched off. I went back home to Manchester and spent quality time with my friends and family and had I'm starting to really miss home, what an almost 2yr old nephew and 3 pregnant friends it's been a tug on the heart strings to come back to London but more about that in another blog post! 

I didn't check the blogging world at all but it's been REALLY hard to get back into my usual work routine but now I've made a list of blog posts for the next month I'm ready to start enjoying my blog again and have some goals for 2016. 

So New Year, it's a funny old time. I've always liked NYE, you get to get dressed up, party with friends or family, toast to a new year and make lots of resolutions you probably won't keep. But, as I've got older, it's not the big deal I thought it once was. London is expensive, the fireworks are amazing but once you've been stuck in the middle of crowds at 2am trying to get on a tube/train you'll never want to attempt it again. Everyone lives so far away - gone are the days of a house party unless you fancy a jaunt to zone 6 where your friend lives and maybe/definitely sleeping on the floor. 

Since I've moved to London with Adam, we've never had NYE together as he used to work in a pub and always ended up working  (all about the dollar), so this year we decided to keep it casual and go to the local pub. Only I hadn't thought ahead, even 3 weeks before the night everywhere was booked up. Thankfully we managed to get one of the last tables at a nice pub in Blackheath, we'd eat, drink and get home in time for the fireworks. 

But....I ended up winning tickets to the Sky Garden thanks to View London! Thank goodness I checked my work emails from home, there was the email saying I'd won a competition and to just rock up at 9.30pm. A live band, free champagne and view of the fireworks, YES PLEASE! I rarely win things but have had a lucky streak recently (shame I didn't win that huge lotto jackpot this weekend!).Huge huge thank you to View London for this amazing NYE and also ASOS for the most gorgeous dress I've ever worn!  

It was so beautiful, the cocktails were incredible, staff were lovely, the view amazing, and the band really made the night. At £150 a ticket I'd never splash out for New Years Eve but it was really special and something I won't forget. If you're in London I'd recommend a visit, they are open all day so you can grab a bite to eat and see London in style. 

Hope you had a fabulous new year whatever you got up to!