About me

I'm Sally, a twenty-something sometime actress, singer, teacher, and now ....blogger! Originally from Manchester (holla!), I moved to London chasing the musical theatre dream. I've built a lovely little life with my boyfriend Adam and although I miss my family & northern friends, it feels right to be in London for now.

The main things you’ll need to know:

I have a soft spot for pugs, buy far too many candles, am slightly obsessed with anything floral and have a never ending passion for all things fashion, beauty & lifestyle. 
You'll often find me curled up on the sofa watching a boxset which I only just got round to watching 5 years later than everyone else (à la Breaking Bad), locked in an eBay bidding war or reading a good book on my kindle.

From new recipes, beauty favourites, hero products, homeware, the latest trends and reviews - you should find it all on here in the months to come as I build this little hobby of a blog.

So feel free to join me, as at the end of the day no matter what it may be...we're all still searching for that something.

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