Sunday, 29 March 2015

March Hero Product

My March product of the month is a homeware item and I just love it! 

Our teeny tiny flat doesn't have room for a proper table and chairs so we use our nice footstool as a table when we're eating. I'm always worried I'll spill something on it so I've been looking for a tray to pop all of our food on and voila! I don't know if I was looking in the wrong places but I couldn't find anything around that was a) affordable and b) the right size 

I found this on Amazon for £14.99 but we all know i love a good bargain so managed to find it cheaper from a shop on eBay for £9.99! 

The two postcards are from in Paperchase and from only 60p they are a great little way to brighten up a pin-board or unused photo frame. I  also popped in a couple of photos from our recent Paris trip for my birthday - a birthday post is coming in the next few days. If you're sad into mixing things up like me then you can change the photos to go with the seasons or occasions!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

World Book Day - A few of my favourite reads

It's World Book Day tomorrow and in celebration I thought I'd get out some of my favourite reads. I love reading, I'm not saying I have a book in my hand every night, I can be guilty of leaving months between books but each time I start a new book I wonder why I left it so long! There's nothing better than a great read that leaves you reading chapter after chapter, fighting sleep to read the next little bit.

My favourites are varied to say the least. There are so many more that I have on my kindle that I'll list below but from my bookshelf I've picked a few I love and think you will too. Click the links if you fancy buying via Amazon. 

This book was a gift from my friend Kathryn and I've dipped in and out of this so often. I've read the secret and this is a cuter and not quite so intense version. It's little ways of making the most of life and if like me you can sometime's stress about the little things or be a bit of a worrier then this is really assertive but do-able push to the positive. WIN!

2. 1984

I studied this book in school and it's stayed with me ever since. I've also seen this in play form at The Royal Exchange in Manchester and I was just blown away with the intensity they recreated. It's not an easy read and some scenes you'll never forget, it's a classic - room 101, Big Brother and completely relevant to today. 

These books are so familiar and comforting. Bridget is so relatable which is why I've gone back to these books again and again. They're like an old friend and I'm still only half way through the final book - Mad About The Boy (need to get that finished!). Reading can be educational, inspirational, gripping or just plan fun and this is most definitely fun.

I feel this along with How To Be Parisian is on a imaginary reading list for everyone interested in beauty, fashion or blogging. It's not a read at all it's more of a mini coffee table book full of photos, stories, style and clippings of her life. Imagine a paperback version of bits of your own Facebook/Camera/Instagram/Diaries/Notebooks made into a book. She has great style but of course if you're not an Alexa fan - don't get it!

I loved loved LOVED Desperate Romantics when it was on TV (buy the BBC show here) and so bought the book as soon as the series ended. It's based on three Pre-Raphealite artists Rossetti, Holman Hunt and Millais with many other famous painters scattered into the story. Art or history don't need to be your thing to enjoy this book it's sexy, arty and just a brilliant can't-put-it-down read.

Ok ok I know it's for kids but what can I say, I'm a sucker for the magic of Disney. I have so many DVD's and can't wait for my nephew to get old enough to get into reading an watching Disney! I played Belle in Beauty and The Beast and this book was bought for me as an opening show gift so a great memory goes along with this book! 

Other books I love: