Thursday, 15 October 2015

What's New - Home

First of all....sorry for being SO quiet of late! This was not my plan at all I had so many posts lined up to write but then I got mega man-flu type ill. It knocked me sideways for the best part of two weeks  which is so unlike me. As well as that my non blog job has been crazy busy meaning any lunchtime blogging went out of the window, and then I went away for a lovely few days in Bath (a short post on that coming up this weekend!), so all in all a blooming busy month!

So, here I am, I've been aching to get back into writing! 

Right, homeware. One of my favourite addictions. I love how the smallest things can make a big difference at home but that also comes at a price, and the price for me is space. I'm like magnet to little trinkets, flowers, photo frames, candles, you name it, I'll want to buy it. But those of you that know me, my London flat is smaaaaaall. So to spread out the lovely little things I found this simple ladder shelf:

I saw an almost identical shelf in M&S in real wood but after some shopping around I managed to find this beauty for £37.95 on Amazon. It came flat packed but was super simple to put up and I think it looks pretty lovely! It's slim so can go in the smallest of spaces and they also have short ones to have as an alternative bedside table which is a nice idea.

What do you think? Do you have any little home gems you've purchased recently? Let me know!

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