Monday, 15 September 2014

My first grown up camera

Well over a week has passed by and as I eagerly awaited the delivery of my new camera I realised need to get myself into a better routine! I've devised a blog post calendar (I'm a lover of a list), so with my first ever DSLR camera in hand I'm busy reading my way through the instruction book so I can get snapping and blogging regularly. After reading some recommendations and with the future hopes of vlogging I went for a Cannon 600D DSLR. I read about this camera on Zoella's blog It has a flip screen so you can see yourself when vlogging and it generally looks like it has the potential to last me a long time. 
I've also ordered a few little accessories from Ebay as they were just cheap as chips compared to any other online stores I'd found. Links below.

     2. Camera Tripod     3. Wireless Camera Remote    4. Softbox Lighting  

I can't wait to start snapping away and with so many future blog plans I'm off to learn learn learn!

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