Saturday, 20 December 2014

Ebay finds - The Statement Necklace

TOP ROW               Nude Ribbon Necklace          Circle Pendent            Black Crystal Necklace
BOTTOM ROW                     Clear Crystal Necklace                  White & Gold Necklace 

I LOVE eBay, it's actually bordered on a problem over the years but I just love a bargain! There's also something really addictive about the buzz you get bidding on an item minutes before it ends and seeing if you're going to be the winner (or getting pipped to the post in the last two seconds!).

I wanted to include a few tips for those of you maybe unsure of getting into eBay to make life and searching for those wanted items a little easier. I've also included above some of my favourite statement necklaces which are a snip compared to those you'll find on the high street at the moment. (and some I know I've seen in some of our favorite high street shops)>

Be aware although the above are all on the UK eBay site they are shipped from Asia(hence the amazing prices), but from experience if it's not urgent, it's well worth bagging a bargain and waiting that little bit longer for it to arrive. Usually 2-4 weeks is about right for delivery from Asia. 

My Top 5 Ebay Tips:

1. Be savvy with your searches. If there's a particular style or brand you're looking for then make sure you're specific. Ebay give you options to filter however you can also filter out unwanted sizes/colours buy using the minus sign in front of any sizes you don't want to feature e.g.

When you search it'll filter out any items with those -words in so you're more likely to find the item you want. You can use eBay's filters however when people list items they don't always use these functions so the minus sign is your best bet!

2. Don't bid too early. I always bid in the last 5 seconds of the item ending. Of course if you aren't going to be free to bid at the end time then go for it but the 5 second rule will stop you from going crazy and bidding too much for an item....believe me I've been there!

3. Set yourself a budget. Have a maximum amount in mind that you'd like to spend (not forgetting p&p), and stick to it. Say you don't want to spend more than £20 on the item - when you bid put your maximum bid as £20.93 (or another non round amount), and then if you're outbid you won't end up paying way more than you wanted.

4. Don't be afraid to sell. It can take some time to get used to selling but once you're on it, it's  great way of getting rid of items you no longer use (having some extra pennies to go towards lovely new items!). Just make sure you keep on top of questions potential buyers might ask, and always post on time to ensure you get great feedback. Make sure you set up a Paypal account before you get going and then you're ready to rock. Some simply easy tips on starting selling here 

5. Get the ebay app. It's free and you'll never miss an item ending/a listing selling. The app will remind you 15mins before the end of a listing, allow you to quickly list items to sell using photos from your phone. If you also download Paypal you can withdraw money into your own bank account on the go too so if you sold an item you can see the funds in your bank within hours...WIN!

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