Friday, 9 January 2015

Prysma Projection Clock

Happy New Year! This post comes way later than planned however with a lovely Christmas back home, New Year in London and a new job to tackle it's been a pretty hectic time. 
I have to say I'm really excited to get more organised with my blog and to start being a dedictaed blogger as this is something I love doing and want to give it the time it needs.
 I've got lots of great posts planned already with the help of my trusty notebooks, 2015 diary and some very cute sticky-notes from Paperchase (thanks Father Christmas!). 

I was very excited to receive my first item to review in December - a Prysma Projection Clock. Now before you read on I should let you know this is a completely unbiased and unpaid review.

 So on with the item - I have a rather trusty dock/radio/clock thingymabob that wakes me up to the tunes of the radio or my iPhone and I've never thought about replacing it. It does it's job and doesn't look too shabby. When the clock arrived it was neatly packaged and surprisingly small and lightweight, and even better...I liked the look of it! 

So what's so good about it? Well I'm glad you asked:

* Projects the time and temperature onto your ceiling/wall
* Tells the time & adjust with the clock changes automatically
* Double alarm function (with snooze button of course)
* Gives you the temperature indoor or out with a sensor for outside your house/flat

It's easy to put together and after a couple of re-reads of the instructions, easy to use. I hate reading instructions and this does need a read due to the temperature settings along with the temperature sensor but it didn't take long to set and the sensor sits just outside my window. 

I was worried the projection would be bright or distracting in a dark room whilst you're trying to sleep but I love it. I think it'd be a perfect present for that hard to buy for person (my dad comes to mind) or even for younger children as a reassuring glow. 

The red option is £59.99 so it's not cheap however if you're in need of something new or looking for a gift then I'd go for it.  It comes in a selection of different colours and price varies depending on colour, you can buy your very own here if you so wish! 

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