Monday, 4 May 2015

My First Mulberry

I own my second designer item and most of all my first ever leather purse! Yes I've got to the age I am happily switching from River Island to Topshop to Mango to Primark purses. My last Primark black purse with gold hard-wear lasted me around 3 years and if I'm being honest still had some life left in it...before this beauty!

I was so lucky that I got not one Mulberry purse...but two for my birthday! My family clubbed together to get me the black Continental Wallet which I'd had on my wish list for ages, and my amazing friends clubbed together and got me the nude zip around purse. A complete surprise (they know me too well!).

First of the packaging...I'm a sucker for luxurious packaging, it just feels extra special, you know? The thick grey mulberry bag was tied with a soft grey bow and inside tissue paper nestled a Mulberry box. As soon as I opened the box it smelt amazing; rich luxurious leather with gold hard-wear. They both have plenty of card space, coin room and are just the perfect size to house all of my cards, vouchers, receipts and loyalty cards for a multitude of places. It's ridiculous to feel so excited about two Mulberry purses but I don't splash out on things like this, especially on my tight post drama school budget! I've been scared to use it but that's plain silly so it's become my daily purse (I won't lie, I had a mini freak out when I got a little dent on the leather from something pressing against it in my bag but hey it needs to be used!).

Happy Bank Holiday weekend for those in the UK, have an awesome extra day off work! 

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