Saturday, 9 May 2015

Street Feast London - Food Heaven!

@MeringueGirls at Lewisham Model Market
As you might know by now I live in London and boy, it's taken me some time to get used to the hustle and bustle! I'm originally from Manchester so hardly the countryside however the difference is huge - the never ending rush hours, pushing for a place on a tube or train, the different different zones with hundreds of different boroughs each with their own personality. 
Since I moved here almost three years ago now we chose to live in the South East of London mainly because a) we knew it would be a little cheaper and b) my flatmate was friends with an estate agent who was based in the South East. 

There's so much to love about the South East, sprawling Greenwhich Park, beautiful Blackheath Village with it's cosy pubs and wine bars or Bromley for when you want a bit if Intu shopping centre action. Food plays a huge part in my London life as you're literally spoilt for choice for amazing places to eat. From chains to independent businesses to pop ups plus every type & style of food known to man - it's here! Instagram is a great place to follow the food scene and after a friend recommended London Street Feast I looked them up and wow their food looks mouthwateringly amazing. If you're a fan of food porn you can follow them HERE.

SE Cakery Brownies, Meringue Girls, Pork Buns & buckets of  Champagne
When I heard that street feast was adding to it's foodie family with a market in Lewisham I couldn't wait to try it. Lewisham Model Market is set in a little nook behind the shopping centre. Lewisham is in development and this food heaven is such a gem in a town I rarely venture into even though I practically live there. 

I met up with some friends on a Friday night after work, the week after the feast opened and it was busy even before 7pm. Free entry before 7pm and £3 after.

As soon as we entered we were met with the sweet smell of bbq, rum and smoky fires. Small but perfectly formed there were so many stalls to chose from. After a few laps around the market we settled on chicken naan creations from Rola Wala with herby fries from the Poutine stand washed down with rum punch and beer. They.were.amazing. We glanced around at other drool-worthy plates passing us by and everything looked incredible. My friends also tried pork buns from Yum Bun which again smelt delicious and from their mmm's and ahhh's they tasted great too! 

For desert we shard a mix of brownies from SE Cakery (honeycomb, chocolate, salted caramel) with  Eton Mess & Rainbows, Unicorns & Fairy Dust from the Meringue Girls - check them out they already have a HUGE following and rightly so as we died and went to desert heaven. 

I'll definitely be heading back until I've tried every stand there, it was really that good plus the vibe was relaxed with great music and great drinks.

If you have any foodie recommendation anywhere in the UK or further afield I'd love to hear about them (and drool over any of your photos!). 

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