Thursday, 23 July 2015

Filling My Instagram Recently...

I love taking photos, I'm not great but I get by and I'm desperate to learn how to use my DSLR to it's full potential. I'm hoping to take a course in the next few months so hopefully you should see the benefits of some new skills in my photography soon! 

So I thought I'd start a photo diary on here of some of my favourite photos of the last few weeks as a summary away from Instagram. 

I love Instagram. I work in social media and manage to keep my work Instagram up to date but I'm not so punctual with my own. So, I've decided to try and treat my blog like a 2nd job because I love writing it, I just need to be a more disciplined with it. 

I suppose it's a good thing, I'm too busy enjoying my time to snap away but to be honest this month I've just been plain old tired! I've just finished teaching and so have 10 glorious weekends off and I can't wait! I think I needed some time to recover and just relax (something I find very hard to do!). But's time to get back on the blogging horse (that's a weird image right?)! 


1. Yum Bun - I went back to the Model Market in Lewisham and had this amazing Chinese steamed bun with mushroom. I drooled over my friends buns last time so had to go back. If you're in London or even visiting I'd recommend trying one of the outdoor markets are a food lovers paradise. 
2. Be Happy Print - I bought this super cute print from Etsy and I love it! You buy it online and download and print yourself. The seller also sells the frame but I just purchased mine separately from Amazon (as it was waaaaay cheaper). 
3. Essence The Gel Nail Polish - I've mentioned this in a previous blog post but these nail polishes are brilliant. They have an amazing shine and thick consistency so you don't need to spend ages layering on. They're fairly small but at £1.60 you can afford to try out new colours.
4. Kate Spade 'Cats Meow' embellished bag - HOW CUTE IS THIS BAG?! Ok, I know it's not practical but I love it. 
5. Peonies - I found these beauties on Sunday in Aldi and were only three freaking pounds. Amazing right? Two buds are still to open, even by today but they're looking gorgeous. 
6. Glossybox - I just loved getting a Glossybox subscription for my birthday as it's like a little treat every month. This months box was French themed with some gorgeous items in including Vichy (a new fave of mine). If you fancy giving Glossybox a go you can buy a one off box or sign up and subscribe for anything from 3 months to a year. 

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