Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My Weekend #1

I like the idea of a little mini diary of weekend fun, I'm really trying to make the most of my weekends before going back to teaching on Saturday's so I thought I'd share some of it with you! Of course - I won't be updating you on the weekends where I just veg out in front of Netflix, drink wine, and shop online...that would not make for an interesting read!

This weekend was a mix of relaxation and activities...fave! Saturday started our quite lazily, I had to wait in for a food shop (I couldn't be bothered with an Aldi trip), Adam popped out to the pub to meet friends and I settled on down to watch Into The Woods - yep I have an MA in musical theatre and was even in this musical once and hadn't watched it yet. I remembered every.word. It's just magical so I'd recommend a watch, even if you're not a musical fan, it's not a show tune 'tits and teeth' musical!

Adam came home early from the pub (CUE SHOCK), complete with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! This is a twice a year affair and it was such a lovely surprise and made me go all gooey and girly. Vom I know. The flat was nearing a sauna so I popped on a dress, put a million grips in my hair to get it off my face and headed out to the local park. It has a farmers market on a Saturday that we just missed, but it was still bustling with families as there's a lovely little lake, play area and lots of green space full of people having picnics and lazing around. A little pit stop on the cafe for ice cream completed a lovely little walk just 15 mins walk from the flat - amazing when you're in London! 

This bad boy burger with a side of frings (see what they did there), was courtesy of Fatboy's Diner just over the river from the O2. We met up with Laila (Adams sister) and her fiancée Nick & traipsed in the rain in search of what we were told would be one of the best burgers ever. Bold claims. It was a lovely old fashioned American diner but it's tiny and had a 45 min wait. By the time we finally ate I'm happy to say it was worth it - maybe not the best ever but really really good. Plus the lovely people there gave us a discount for the wait so that was a welcome surprise!

Fatboy's Diner - London

Street loveliness at Trinity Buoy

The rain finally stopped and we decided to walk the 20 mins to the Emirates cable cars and head over to the O2 for a drink. You just pay on your oyster card and head on into a car. I was feeling so brave until we got up to the highest point and felt a little wobbly - I don't think I'm scared of heights until I'm up there and having experienced vertigo a couple of times I just nibbled on yet more ice cream (trying to get my quota in before summer ends!), and looked at the floor until we started the decent! 

The O2  from a cable car
We then finished with a g&t or two (beer for the boys) in Brooklyn Bowl and headed on home as it was way later than we expected. We had a couple of friends to see on the way back and I had my bake off cake to make for our work competition  - which was a complete stress by the way. Bakers I salute you!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

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