Saturday, 31 October 2015

Jo Malone

Jo Malone to me just screams sophistication. Everything from the elegant stores, the stunning scents, to the way they box every item with such care, it's pure luxury to me. I've never had a perfume before however I did get a candle for Christmas a few years ago which was so beautiful I didn't want to light it! 

I had a mini break in Bath recently and popped into Jo Malone to test some scents to pop on my Christmas wish list. The staff were so attentive but not overbearing, after explaining what I liked and testing a few samples I decided I was in love with Peony & Suede Blush. This is a romantic floral scent. which is strong (as you'd expect from Jo Malone), but not overpowering. The assistant asked if I had 15 minutes for a complimentary hand massage and as we weren't rushing anywhere I said a big fat yes. 

Adam reclined in the man chair and I was poured flavoured water, my jewellery was placed in a little black fabric pouch and I had an amazing massage. I was told that the Earl Grey scent really compliments the Peony so I had my hands are arms washed in the Peony Shower oil which was so silky soft and had  scent that really stuck which I'm not used to with shower or body oils. I was then moisturised with the Peony & Blush body crème and spritzed with the Earl Grey perfume. The layering created something I've never experienced before, I couldn't stop smelling my arms and hands for hours afterwards!   

Jo Malone has a large range covering all types of scent from floral to citrus to woody so there's really something for everyone, Yes it's expensive but the quality you're getting is worth every penny. If you pass by a Jo Malone and haven't been in, I'd suggest popping in and trying out some scents (and getting a mini massage too!), you won't leave empty handed! 

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