Thursday, 12 November 2015

Marble Mac Cover & Clock

Marble Mac laptop cover from the wonderful eBay! 

Marble is everywhere. Pop over to Pinterest and you’ll see what I mean, I’ve well and truly immersed myself in this trend (along with everything copper).
Adam isn't so keen on the copper theme – especially my tray from h&m which he thinks looks like small baking tray. Yep.

I've seen this Macbook cover over on so many blogs from the US or Etsy but the shopping was £££. Knowing me I needed to find a cheaper alternative! Step in eBay and a few week wait for delivery from China and boom. Mac transformed!

Also whilst we’re talking marble I've actually just ordered this gorgeous solid marble clock from Next at a bargain busting £12!! I've seen similar clocks on and it's a great copy for this Amara clock at over £200! 

Happy shopping! 

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