Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Mini Winter Clothes Haul

Well winter is most definitely here to stay, and although the Christmassy sheen of the cold seems like a lifetime ago, the snow is still threatening (or well & truly arrived if you're in other parts of the UK!).

I have to say I'm not great in the winter as I don't do too well in thick jumpers when going in and out of hot trains, offices and shops but I did find a couple of lovely bits over the last month or so perfect for layering up.

Zara online is a favourite of mine, as you're probably getting to know I do most of my shopping online. I know nothing beats seeing and feeling and trying but it's just so quick and convenient (which also makes it far FAR too easy to spend!). Sad as it sounds I love that Zara online box the items and have some tissue paper wrapping your purchases - it makes it feel like a little present to yourself! Unfortunately due to new season stock some items are not longer available for me to link but I know they're still in-store so go go go. 

I treated myself to three tops in muted tones as well as this teddy bear coat from Matalan.  I've seen a similar coat on Kristina Bazan's Kayture blog (which is amazing for lusting over too hard to afford items!) Matalan have some great fashion items from time to time so it's worth checking out online every now and then (plus their homeware it pretty good too!).

Zara necklace detail top £25.00
Zara cream asymmetric ribbed jumper £19.99
Matalan teddy bear necklace £30.00 (on offer in-store from £40)

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