Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Hero Product - Aveda

I love trying out new skincare and make-up but don't have a never ending budget to fork out what would probably be a small fortune of the number of amazing products I hear about. However, whenever I hear about a new product I've started to make a little wish list on my phone (because unless I write it down my brain is a complete sieve!) and then If I want to treat myself or have run out of something, I can pop on and take a look.

I'm going start doing a hero product a month - it might be skincare, beauty, furnishings, a book, you name it, just something I think is fab and you'll want to try too.

So this month I've chosen my Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant - a mouthful right?! Basically it's a liquid exfoliator so no grainy scratchy formula. Aveda have a great philosophy and this is reflected in the ingredients they use and quality of their products so I knew I could trust that this would be great on my skin. I have slightly sensitive skin which is prone to the odd break out once a month so have to be careful not to chose items that are too abrasive and this does the trick. It's suitable for men or women of all skin types  and is quick to use (just like a toner) once or twice a week in the evening after cleansing. It's brilliant if you have a bit of a breakout, congestion or your skin just feels a little dull. It does an amazing job of unclogging pores yet is gentle and smells lovely and fresh. 

You can buy Aveda from their online shop here or from Feel Unique (if you add Aveda as your favourite brand via Feel Unique you can also get 10% off forever...BONUS!). 

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