Saturday, 7 February 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Whether you like it or not Valentine's Day is on the way and it's just a week away! It's such an emotive day for so many people and each year I hear a mix of 'what a load of commercialised rubbish', 'I'm single thanks *shop name* for smooshing it in my face, eurgh', and 'Ooh look heart shaped everything and an overpriced meal...YES!'

I personally think it's nice to have a day to celebrate little events even if you cook a special meal or make something - it's the thought that counts,  I've seen Valentine's day alone and as someone's girlfriend, I've either let it breeze by, gone out with girlfriends and danced the night away, or had a meal out or night in with that special someone. Who ever said no to a tasty meal or little thoughtful gift?! Right so if you're buying for someone or just want to treat yourself I've picked a few favourites for him or for her that you can pick up online so no excuses! 

                        Skagen Watch £81     Topman Holdall £50     Liz Earle Face Scrub £15.25
                    Liz Earle Cleanser £15.50      Love Vouchers £6.50      Beer Making Kit £39.99
                     Ralph Lauren Boxers £38    Topman Coin & Keyring Set £13   Burger Kit £25

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