Friday, 3 April 2015

New bits and pieces

items not mentioned below: White top - Primark £4 Pink Fluffy Keyring - H&M £3.99 or £1.99 (I forgot to note!)

Happy April!! Seriously, HOW?! Easter is upon us, I've already cracked open and demolished my first Lindt bunny and a long weekend lies ahead...bliss. I've got a few boring but much needed house bits planned, blog catching up, hopefully a lovely spring walk, starting Better Call Saul and brunch should equal a relaxing fun weekend!

So this post has been a while coming but I popped into my favourite bargain shops Primark & H&M and got a few spring summer pieces - not that I can wear them much at the moment with this weather! I had a voucher from my birthday which was burning a hole in my purse so here are my purchases...


Rings rings rings...I just love Primark rings, they are cheap and have so many designs to chose from. I've bought almost identical sets from Accessorize before for 3 x the price or more and the Primark set match longevity (and you won't feel as bad if you lose it/it discolours etc!).

I have  staple pair of sunnies - nothing too exciting just a Topshop pair in a brown, however I saw these thick rimmed back pair in H&M and was surprised at how great they look on! They're sturdy and have been packed away in my everyday bag for the moment the sun decides to shine.
The skirt is a navy and white block pattern in a thick fabric with slight stretch. It's a mini but not too mini you can't wear everyday with thick black tights and a jumper whilst it's still chilly.

Black point shoes are my favourite. They class up an outfit a little yet they're still comfy. These were £8 from Primark and come in a mock suede with criss cross ankle fastening. Comfy and cute and a great copy for Zara. 
Earrings were a till purchase (damn you H&M and your crafty marketing) but for £1.99 I love them and I've been wearing them so the long bit goes up horizontally instead of hanging down.

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