Sunday, 5 April 2015

New Look & ASOS Wishlist

New Look & ASOS Wishlist

I love a good wish list, I go through phases of window shopping online and it's mainly when I should be working or I'm putting off doing something important!  I'll often go online for one item I actually need and then end up piling items into my shopping basket only to then move it all to a wish list as I can't afford the £100+ worth of clothes/make up/accessories/home-ware that I don't actually need. 

However, there's no harm in looking and I like keeping on top of what's trending. Sometimes If I have a spare bit of cash or whatnot I might go back to the wish list and buy myself a treat (but let's be honest, I'll have to sell something on eBay to ease the guilt!). 

Here are my current faves with a mix of New Look & ASOS, there's some really great affordable items out at the moment and I'm loving the spring summer vibe (and ignoring the grey miserable day outside today!).

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