Monday, 18 May 2015

Working Out!

So the sun has reared it's oh so gorgeous head recently and summer items have already flooded the high street so I guess that means summer is on the way! 

I've wanted to write this post for a while but was put off because quite frankly...who am I to tell people how to workout?! I know the bare basics, I haven't always worked out, I'm definitely NOT a gym addict and I don't have rock hard abs...I'm not writing this to preach I just want to show that a little bit of work has made a big difference in my life but it doesn't mean you have to turn into an eat clean train mean kind of gal (unless you want to - I have friends that are and they are fierce, but, I'm just not that disciplined!) 

My attitude towards health and fitness has changed a huge amount in the last few years. Well what changed I hear you ask? 

Well, it wasn't anything massive, I went out with a friend for lunch one January and we chatted about resolutions and of course the topic of losing a few lbs after a small HUGE Christmas binge came up. Right there and then we both decided to do something about it! I downloaded My Fitness Pal onto my phone and immediately added in what I'd eaten so far - my lunch alone came to nearly 1,200 calories (and they weren't the healthy kind of calories I can tell you!). Shocked...yes I was. We popped to Boots to weigh ourselves and get an accurate BMI on proper scales - I've still got that print out in my purse as a reminder! 

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So what happened next? I signed up for classes at a local gym, I love classes as they keep me motivated and they're fun. My faves are Zumba, Body Conditioning and Yoga so I teamed these with trying to eat healthier by tracking my food on My Fitness Pal. It can be used to set goals and track progress but I just use it to keep myself mindful of what I'm putting in my body. 

What I do now

I'm aaaaaall about saving money so decided to try HIT (high intensity training) at home instead of a costly gym membership. I love it. 
I'd really recommend Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred as a great starting place. They're basically 20min workouts based on interval training - cardio and strengthening with light weights and your own body weight. There are 3 levels design to challenge you as you improve and even though in theory it's 30 days - I did each level until I felt I could do them properly. She's hilarious, I still laugh every time when she exclaims at the end of level 2 'I WANT YOU TO FEEL LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO DIE'. Oh Jillian. 
I combined 30 day shred with a yoga workout at home but honestly, yoga is just not the same on your own so I'm looking for a new class to join! 

Me after a sweaty Jillian workout...sorry!
I've noticed since I've moved onto harder, longer Jillian Michaels workouts like No More Touble Zones I can see a little bit more definition. Sorry about the photo - I think I have one bikini photo of myself ever so this is not a regular occurrence, but it's good for me to see little results.  I love my food so I'll never have a 6 pack but the DVD is my new favourite, it's a real killer as it ups the weights slightly and is around 50mins. I tried Charlotte Crosby's huge no1. seller 3 Minute Belly Blitz and although the workout is good I don't like the stop-start process as they talk through each section pretty slowly and as time is of the essence when working out it's not my go-to. 

My Top Tips

1. Set your own pace and don't compare. If you're new to working out start slow and build your strength. Start with 1kg weights and work your way up. Everyone starts somewhere and where you're new to this it's A-ok.
2. Don't think you need an expensive gym membership - some gyms are pretty cheap but I'd rather spend the £20 on other things! Workout at home. I have a small flat so you don't need as much space as you think!
3. Try out lots of different things - What works for one person might not work for everyone. Try whatever you like - pole workouts, dancing, bootcamp, pilates - you name it it's out there!
4. Invest in a good pair of trainers, a good sports bra, workout leggings, yoga mat and hand weights.
5. Plan your workouts - personally unless I workout first thing in the morning, I won't workout at all. So even though it gets tough I get up at 6.15am. See what time works for you. 
6. Plan your meals - yes it's a little boring however if you plan your meals before you do a food shop you'll save so much waste and you'll be less likely to grab naughty stuff because you're starving and don't know what to cook (yep I ate a share pack of Malteasers for just this reason the other week)
7. Drink lots of water and start the day with a peppermint tea or detox drink - It really does help digestion and gives your skin and eyes a little extra sparkle.
8. HAVE FUN! The way you feel after a workout is a feeling to hold onto - it pushes me to workout when I can't be bothered but we're not robots. Have a rest, life is short. workout with friends, dance the night away, go for a long walk and natter, if working our isn't your cuppa there's still a million ways to be happy & healthy!

I'd love to hear any tips or routines that work for you, I'm always looking for something new to try out! 

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