Wednesday, 24 June 2015

June Hero- Coconut Oil

OK, you're probably thinking this is a bit of an odd product of the month but seriously, coconut oil is my new thing. I know coconut oil isn't really new and I've been reading recipes for ages that use coconut oil as a healthy cooking oil, BUT I didn't know it had multiple uses. I've picked it as my product of the month because it's a wonder product for your teeth! Why? Oil Pulling. Yep sounds odd but wait...

What do you do?

Buy any 100% raw & organic coconut oil 
Grab a teaspoon
Spoon a portion into your moth and swill around for 15-20mins
Spit out


I've read a few blog posts on Oil Pulling and the best one I've found is Fashion Lush (because her posts are just plain funny)  

I've only been oil pulling for the odd day here and there however I'm wanting to get into more of a routine so I can really see results however before I get into the main reasons why you should oil pull I'll tell you my findings. 

1. It seems a bit weird at first putting this oil into your moth but trust me after 10 seconds you can tastes ok and once it's dissolved into the oil it's easily swishable around your mouth.
2. The first time you do it you might thing 20 mins is a lot and you may get jaw ache etc but you'll quickly get used to it so persevere.
3. Do something to keep you busy in the 20 mins. Watch TV, read, clean the kitchen (you get the drift).
4. Don't overfill your mouth! You don't want to accidental swallow any of the nasties that the oil is picking up in your mouth so I use a loaded teaspoon.
5. Once you've finished whatever you do DON'T spit it out down your sink. This is oil that will harden and stick to your pipes and could cause all sorts of issues so I spit out into a cheap food bag and bin it but you could also spit out into a cup and then pop into the bin. 
6. Once I've finished I usually swish well with water or salt water if you're being really pro just to make sure all of the nasties are out of there. 

So like I said, I've not been oil pulling for long enough to notice the amazing things I've read about however I have noticed: my teeth look a little brighter, a dry patch I had on my scalp for months has started to clear up - coincidence - I don't think so! From this week I'm going to do this daily or at least every other day in the morning or last thing at night and I'll come back to you with my findings! 

From the magic of other brilliant blogs and Google, the benefits of Oil Pulling:

* Healthier gums/ teeth/ mouth.
 * Helps to clear up sinus issues.
 * If you've got a a bad throat, oil pulling will help clear the bacteria quickly.
 * Helps with skin issues
* Can help cure a hangover (say what?!)
* Overall detoxification.

Have you tried Oil Pulling or will you be giving this a go? Let me know how you've got on! 

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