Friday, 19 June 2015

Weekly Meal Ideas & Recipe #1

Pre-planning your meals takes so much of the stress out of deciding what to have for dinner each evening. It also saves so much waste and money because since I started pre-planning meals, I find I don't nip into the local shops to pick things up (and buy loads of things I don't need...hello chocolate ├ęclairs!).

Honestly, give it a go and see how you find it. Of course you're not restricted and things crop up so you may have to adjust, but knowing you have all of the ingredients in is so easy.

You'll see my meals for the week below along with a really simply tasty Goats Cheese & Mushroom Frittata which is perfect for a quick summer dinner with minimal effort and maximum taste!


Graze breakfasts: A mix of porridge, granola, and light cereals all with unsweetened almond milk (Use my code SALLYE9FE to get your first box of tasty and inspired snacks for free!)
Avocado on toast: Brown toast or Soda Bread, 1 avocado with tomatoes and a small topping of chilli sauce

Monday: Goats cheese, asparagus & red onion frittata with spinach salad
Tuesday: Jacket potato with tuna sweetcorn & spinach salad  
Wednesday: Out for dinner with a friend (Pizza Express Pollo Verdure salad & dough sticks)
Thursday: Cod in mustard & white wine sauce with mashed potato & asparagus
Friday:  Butternut squash & sage risotto (Adam is having sausage & mash)
Saturday: Tandoori chicken with chapati, boiled rice & salad (plus a tonne of poppadoms!) 
Sunday: M&S dine in for two 

For some reason I never make frittata. Egg based meals never fill me with food joy however when I actually eat them...they're delicious and filling!  So, I thought I'd give this goats cheese, spinach and mushroom frittata a go in my new skillet pan!

1tbsp olive oil
6-7 mushrooms (whichever you fancy)
2 garlic cloves finely chopped
150g spinach
6 beaten eggs
salt & pepper
50g goats cheese
handful cheddar cheese

What to do:

Preheat the grill to a medium heat

Heat oil in a pan and add the mushrooms and fry them, adding garlic when they're almost brown

Add the spinach and stir until wilted

Beat the eggs, mix in the cheddar cheese then pour over the beaten eggs. Season with salt & pepper and sprinkle over the crumbled goats cheese

Leave on a low heat to cook through for roughly 5 mins.

Place the pan under the grill until it starts to turn golden.

Cut into wedges and serve with a fresh salad (I dressed mine in lemon juice)

Hope you enjoy!

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